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Unlock the Secret to
Increased Sales & Profit
With a turnkey TarpLess® Ripening Room system from Thermal Technologies, the number one choice for retailers, wholesalers and growers the world over.
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Every day across North America and around the world, Thermal Tech ripening rooms turn out more beautiful, high quality fruit than all other ripening room systems combined. Thermal Tech’s exclusive TarpLess design pampers and protects fruit better than any other system while delivering unsurpassed ripening control. It’s the most trusted ripening room in the industry and the results speak for themselves:
Superior Quality and Color Improved Weight
Guaranteed Uniformity Extended Shelf Life
Reduced Shrink Increased Sales & Profit

The TarpLess Ripening Room delivers consistent, high quality fruit ripened to the exact color stage you need when you need it, with the lowest operating costs and fastest ROI in the industry. Dual or multiple temperature control zones allow you to ripen to different color stages in the same room at the same time while maintaining fruit quality and uniformity.

There are TarpLess ripening rooms for bananas, avocados, pears, stone fruit, even multi-fruit rooms that combine ripening, pre-cooling and low-temp storage. With the most advanced technology and an unparalleled record of success, it’s easy to see why more Top 10 retailers, wholesalers and growers put their trust in TarpLess ripening rooms for consistently superior, high quality fruit that attracts customers, improves sales and increases profit

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