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Produce Ripening Rooms & Full Service Cold Storage Construction





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From produce ripening rooms to full-service cold storage construction, Thermal Tech delivers unparalleled quality with the fastest return-on-investment.
TarpLess Ripening Room

Product Information & Specifications


VIDEO: The Performance Edge (view online / download)

  Experience the benefits and features of the industry's most widely used ripening room system. Length: 9 min. To download, right click on the "download" link and select: "Save Link As".
  VIDEO:TarpLess Ripening Room Loading and Unloading (view online / download)
  Learn how proper loading & unloading ensures optimum performance & efficiency. Length: 5.5 min. To download, right click on the "download" link and select: "Save Link As".
  VIDEO: The TarpLess Ripening Room Operating System (view online / download)
  Gain total control over the ripening process for unmatched reliability, unparalleled efficiency and unbeatable long-term profit. Length: 3 min. To download, right click on the "download" link and select: "Save Link As".
  Information Sheets (pdf format)

    TarpLess Ripening Room Overview
TarpLess Double-Wide Side Airflow Sheet
TarpLess Single-Wide Side Airflow Sheet
Sultz Ultrasonic Humidification System

Cleaning & Maintenance Program

  VIDEO: TarpLess Ripening Room Care & Maintenance (view online / download)
    A comprehensive program for keeping your rooms clean and well-maintained. Length: 17 min. To download, right click on the "download" link and select: "Save Link As"

  Support Materials (pdf format)
    Cleaning Quick Reference Guide
Includes approved cleaning products with ordering information.
Maintenance Quick Reference Guide
Includes Cleaning & Maintenance Chart.
Maintenance Schedule

TTi Parts & Service
    Technical Guides and Manuals (pdf format)
    Stultz Ultrasonic BNB Humidifier
Stultz Ultrasonic DRH Humidifier
Probe Calibration Guide
RO 1000 Filter Maintenance Guide
    Programs & Downloads (pdf format)
    BRC Application Downloads
For customers using it the BRC control system only. Please contact Thermal Tech for instructions.
Patch for CFW .dll file error in Windows XP (zip)
CFW10 (exe)
Download Instructions CFW10 (pdf)
CFW Terminal Software Updates (zip)

Information is provided in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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